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About us

Stuaa Automation (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. is a foreign company affiliated with STUAA robot system division. It is constructed in China Mainland,floor space is 64000 square meters,with about 30000 square meters high-profile manufacturing center and high-standard research lab,turned to share experience of manufacturing with all customers in China.          


Our company has home and abroad senior talents of automation and welding high and new technology with consummate welding process and refined design of machinery and electric,and have welding test center.We have mastered abundant system solution and design cases after years of industry accumulation,we can meet robot automation demand of auto industry,rail transit, coal machinery,electronic equipment,Heavy industry,agricultural machinery and so on.        


Our products involve middle thick plate robot welding system and spot welding and arc welding production line ,and  cutting production lines of flame , plasma , laser;we are not only the largest strategic partner of FANUC robot in  north China,but also one of the power experts of middle thick plate welding.We have mechanics test center and can make theory experiments of complex welding process and welding seam,then according to experiment result choose the best project. We train operator for customer,at the same time ,we also improve process with customer and help themto get foreign aptitude,to provide value-added services return to the trust of customer.        

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